Lounge Books - results after one month

27th April to 26th May

Lounge Books launched on 27th April, with a very nice article in The Bookseller (many thanks) Within the first week we had fabulous write-ups in Red Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Stylist Magazine. I have been given a massive amount of support from my Twitter followers (huge thanks) spreading the word about Lounge Books.

I have concentrated my efforts on adding great content to the site; curated lists, award-winners, and ebook deals. The Lounge Books newsletter is sent out on a Fridays and started on the first week. The ebook deals newsletter is fairly sporadic. And there is very regular social media activity, mostly Twitter.

I thought it might be interesting to see what has been achieved in one month of Lounge Books. Also, I really want to be as transparent as possible through this process so that we can share and support each other.


Traffic to www.lounge-books.com

During the first month the website has had 34,600 page views with 11,100 unique visitors.

Most visited pages on the site:-

Our very first contributor post went up last week, from Leilah Skelton which is also attracting lots of visitors.


Lounge Books Newsletter

Total people signed up to the newsletter is 1400. 

The Lounge Books newsletter is sent out on a Friday. I have sent 5 weekly newsletters during the month. 

Anyone who specifically said that they would like book deals receives another newsletter from Lounge Books. I have sent the book deals newsletter out twice this month. 

Lounge Books - Book Deals email2
Lounge books - Book deals email

Across all of the newsletters I sent out in the first month, the average open rate was 56.8% and the average click through rate 13.7%.


Social Media


@lounge_books has 3300 followers

During the month, links in tweets were clicked 2200, RTed 890 times and they were liked 1200 times.

Our Twitter followers look like this:-

Lounge Books - Twitter demographics
Lounge Books - Twitter demographics

We ran two book give-away competitions that have worked really well.

Lounge Books  - Twitter competition
Lounge Books - Twitter competition 2

Facebook (new)

Total page likes 313

Instagram (already set up)

Followers 1250

Pinterest (already set up)

Followers 382 


Book sales

Total clicks on Amazon links across the website and the newsletters is 3174.

Lounge Books - Amazon affiliate

Sold 286 books generating £876.13 revenue. (Average book sale price £3.06)

Top selling books - The Bees, The Essex Serpent, Barkskins

Sold 24 non-book items generating £513.17 revenue.  

Total units sold across the site and newsletters was 310 generating £1389.30. The affiliate kick back through Amazon was £68.36.



This is more than I EVER could have dreamed of. I had been thinking that Lounge Books would be a very enjoyable hobby in my spare time. I now think it has the potential to really have an impact. I need to do a lot more things a lot better, but I think there is a lot to build on. I intend to link to Hive as soon as I have the time to do so. This will enable purchases through bookshops as well as Amazon.

I am very proud to encourage books that I believe in and that I can be reactive to what's going on in the wider world. Very much enjoyed putting these posts together - Business Books by Women, Kids books with diverse characters and Progressive political books. I will continue to support women authors, under-represented sectors of our community and offer a positive, inclusive and welcoming place for book-lovers.

As always, the biggest of thanks for all of the support, my advisory board ROCKS, as do my Twitter followers. Do get in touch if you'd like to collaborate with me at all.

Big love.