By Felix Culpepper

A blackly comic tale set in a grisly, too pre-failed to fail English university, where the students invent a mascot: an imaginary student. a Photoshop Frankenstein, who grows monstrous as they empty into him all the worst of themselves. As the narrator Ursula, a horrified University Registrar, looks on, this meta-student dominates social media, rises effortlessly to power, and inflicts national destruction.

Born in a woodland pond and raised in a hippie commune, Curly Oswald is the ultimate outsider, unhindered by conventional schooling or any administrative ties with the wicked System. Now, confined to hospital following a near-fatal accident, he tells the story of his younger self and extended 'family', as they grapple with problems ranging from eco-friendly slug control to the mischief of a power-hungry guru.

203BC: For the Karnian people, in the idyllic mountain passes of Slovenia, the Roman Empire is not longer a distant menace: the legions are massing on their borders. It is a time for leaders to step forward – to try through diplomacy to save their independence, and to ready the weapons of war if it does not.
Lan is the son of one of those leaders – eager to ride in battle to defend his country.

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Tracy Chevalier, bestselling author Girl with a Pearl Earring, has edited a beautiful new short story collection with original contributions from nineteen of our best loved contemporary authors. Published by IndieBooks in association with Hamish Hamilton, Why Willows Weep: Contemporary Tales from the Woods is an enchanting new collection in support of the Woodland Trust.

A close-up portrait of children caught up in the Syria conflict. It brings together poems, pictures (previously displayed at the ‘From Syria With Love’ exhibition) and stories from young people living in a Syrian refugee camp in Lebanon, alongside short story narratives and poetry by those who have worked with the children or been inspired by their stories. 

Latitude North
By Charles Moseley

In this captivating work – part travelogue, part history, part memoir of a life-long affair with the northern lands and seas – traveller and scholar Charles Moseley describes a haunting world, where the voices of the past are never quiet. From his account of the last days of the Viking settlements in Greenland to his own experiences on the melting glaciers of Spitsbergen, he reminds us how deceptive are human ideas of permanence, and how fragile are the systems of these starkly beautiful lands. 


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