Another Justified Sinner
By Sophie Hopesmith

It's the eve of the recession, but who cares? For commodity trader Marcus, life is good. So what if he s a fantasist? So what if he wills his college sweetheart to death? So what if it's all falling apart? This isn't a crisis.

By S. J. Bradley

Samhain is a young, angry and bewildered squatter living in an abandoned hotel in the North of England. One day he receives a message, his father a man he never knew was an undercover policeman infiltrating the Green movement of the 80s.

Every Fox is a Rabid Fox
By Henry Gallon

Robert didn't mean to kill his brother. But he did insist on driving to their uncle's funeral. Consumed by guilt, Robert refuses to show emotion. Robert recalls a childhood of resentment and abuse to try and make a truth he can live with.

Dead Ink is an independent publisher of emerging literary talent. A member of the Norther Fiction Alliance, this ambitious little press does all it can to produce challenging, original and beautiful books. 

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By Naomi Booth

Heavily pregnant Alice and her partner Pete are done with the city. Surely their new remote mountain house will offer safety, a place to forget the nightmares and start their little family.

In 21st century Britain, what does it mean to be working class? This book asks 24 working class writers to examine the issue as it relates to them. (Out Sept 2017)

The Night Visitors (New Horrors)
By Jenn Ashworth, Richard V. Hirst

Orla Nelson used to be a famous writer and now she’s seeking a comeback. Alice Wells wants to make something of herself before it’s too late. 


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