The Gallows Pole
By Benjamin Myers

From his remote moorland home David Hartley assembles a gang of weavers and land workers to embark upon a criminal enterprise that will capsize the economy and become the biggest fraud in British history.

By Heidi James

When award-winning journalist Marcus Murray's latest story uncovers a corrupt alliance between a UK bank, the arms trade and the government, it seems he has triumphed again in his quest for the truth. But he is accused of fabrication and nothing in his life makes sense any more.

A gull falls from the sky and strikes a council worker on the beach below. From that moment on he is obsessed, a crazed visionary depicting the scene and the unknown figure who filled his view at the moment of impact.

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The Secret to Not Drowning
By Colette Snowden

How did a girl who once dreamed of being a Charlie's Angel become such a cowed and submissive woman? When a chance meeting at her swimming baths develops into a secret relationship she has the chance to become the women she wanted to be.

The Handsworth Times
By Sharon Duggal

It is 1981, factories are closing, unemployment is high, the National Front are marching and the neglected inner cities are ablaze as riots breakout across Thatcher’s’ fractured Britain. The Agarwals are facing their own personal nightmare.

Black Neon
By Tony O'Neill

 'BLACK NEON is a pitch black slice of neo-noir, where black magic, art house cinema, drug fuelled madness and apocolyptic violence collide with dizzying effect'. 

- Irvine Welsh

When Malika loses her longed for daughter at birth, it is not the only loss in the family: the surviving twin - a boy - loses the love of his mother. He grows up needing to be the daughter his mother wants.


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