The Trick To Time by Kit De Waal

Mona is a young Irish girl in the big city, with the thrill of a new job and a room of her own in a busy boarding house. On her first night out in 1970s Birmingham, she meets William, a charming Irish boy with an easy smile and an open face. They embark upon a passionate affair, a whirlwind marriage - before a sudden tragedy tears them apart.

Decades later, Mona pieces together the memories of the years that separate them. But can she ever learn to love again?

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Villains and heroes are interchangeable in her worlds, catching the reader off guard and providing the kind of suspense that’s far more rewarding than a cliffhanger.

This book is one I would thoroughly recommend, it’s a heartbreaker and heartwarmer in equal measure. Kit De Waal is such a fabulous writer, I know that I will always devour anything she reads. @bookishchat

The Trick to Time starts gently and ratchets up the emotional intensity until you’re ugly crying into your pillow.

I think that The Trick of Time will touch many people’s lives on a personal level, after all, most of us will love and lose throughout our lives.