Round-up of The Toy Thief by DW Gillespie @dw_gillespie

Jack didn’t know what to call the nameless, skeletal creature that slunk into her house in the dead of night, stealing the very things she loved the most. So she named him The Toy Thief… There’s something in Jack’s past that she doesn’t want to face, an evil presence that forever changed the trajectory of her family. It all began when The Toy Thief appeared, a being drawn by goodness and innocence, eager to feed on everything Jack holds dear. What began as a mystery spirals out of control when her brother, Andy, is taken away in the night, and Jack must venture into the dark place where the toys go to get him back. But even if she finds him, will he ever be the same?

What bloggers are saying:

Awesome dark and disturbing tale! Definitely a great Halloween season read!

I believe The Toy Thief goes one step further by burrowing deep into our own fears and exploiting them to create a truly horrifying novel on the terror spectrum!