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His comics have had 63 million views and he has 250,000 subscribers.


First memory of reading horror

I remember when I was in primary school, I read a Japanese horror Manga. I was really freaked out. The book was put together with other books on my bed. I couldn't sleep well. I wanted to keep this book with me. I kept it until I went to high school and I have no idea where it's gone. 


For readers new to horror which 3 books would you recommend?

Drifting Class room by Umezu kazuo is one of my favorite comic book. The story is about a group of primary student travel to future world and facing a scary distorted and abstract world.
Fuan No Tane by Masaaki Nakayama a collection of mind blowing short horror stories.
I also like all the books from Shintaro Kago which are very dark, cruel and twisted.

Who do you consider the King and Queen of horror fiction?

I have read a lot of classic Japanese horror novels from Ranpo Edogawa and Kyusaku Yumeno. My favourite horror comic artist is Umezu Kazuo

To me, they are the best of the best.


Best horror TV?

I am an avid fan of horror movies and TV, Japanese tales of horror "Kaidan Shin Mimibukuro" is one of my favourites and it has inspired me to make the Silent Horror series. American psychological horror movie "Psycho" is also another favourite of mine


Did you write in other genres or straight to horror?

I have written from romance, action, detective and to educational titles before I started Silent Horror webcomic.


Horror doesn’t seem to be as well respected as other genres of fiction. Why do you think that is?

Horror books or movies have always been part of the subculture. Horror films generally have low-budget production. Horror is abstract, unrealistic, superstitious and evokes fear. This is the impression most people have. Generally horror story is easy to understand without a profound background history. 

In my work, I want to integrate horror stories with human fantasies and desires. I want to make comics that can be another way of de-tress for those who are looking for excitement and satisfaction.


Do you celebrate Halloween?

I make horror comics everyday and to me it's just like I am celebrating Halloween everyday ;p


Where can readers find you?



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