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Will Errickson

Too Much Horror Fiction collects and reviews vintage horror literature (mostly from the 1960s to the early 1990s) and celebrates its resplendent paperback cover art.

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They are from my personal collection of vintage horror paperbacks which I’ve been collecting for many years.


First memory of reading horror

Reading DRACULA aloud with my my mom when I was in kindergarten.


For readers new to horror which 3 books would you recommend they start with?



Do you have a favourite horror sub-genre, and why?

Whatever you’d call Lovecraft’s “doomed narrator” scenario


Most terrifying book you’ve ever read.

HELTER SKELTER--no that’s real. How about THE GIRL NEXT DOOR--no, that’s real too. Let’s say PET SEMATARY still holds sway.


Your favourite Stephen King book.

PET SEMATARY, THE SHINING, “The Mist” so many more…. I love most of his vintage ’70s/mid-’80s output.

New horror authors you’d recommend. N/A


Who do you consider the King and Queen of horror fiction?

HP Lovecraft and Shirley Jackson


Your favourite horror film (adapted from a book) & why?

ROSEMARY’S BABY. Because it followed the book to a T and that book deserved it.


Horror book that you’d like to see adapted to film & why?

Kathe Koja’s THE CIPHER


Best horror TV?

Maybe an old Thriller episode? Or that Karen Black/Zuni fetish doll bit in TRILOGY OF TERROR.


Horror doesn’t seem to be as well respected as other genres of fiction. Why do you think that is?

People see horror as appealing to our basest instincts, that it is crass and cheap and disposable and ignorant and lazy and forgot to take out the trash… again! Actually, a lot of horror IS like that. But when it’s good it’s great. Lots of people think that if something’s really good even though it’s scary, it can't be horror. Those people are wrong.


Do you think horror is ready for a renaissance?

I think it’s going through one now!


Do you believe in evil?

Human evil, sure; supernatural evil, not at all.


What scares you?

Not collecting all the books.


3 most scary words in English language?

I’m already dead.


Do you celebrate Halloween?

Of course! You say that like there are other holidays.


How do you like publishers and authors approach you?



Where can readers find you on social media?





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25th - 31st October

A week-long celebration of horror fiction. All online, all free, all scary as hell. 

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