More Horror picks with Luke Walker

Luke Walker has been writing horror, fantasy and dark thrillers for most of his life. Check out his new horror picks.

By Asa Nonami

A collection of long(ish) short stories all linked by various body parts that possibly won’t work for everyone due to the translation from the original Japanese, but the pieces are worth sticking with for the greater whole. Horror in the it stays with you sense and, pun unintended, gets under your skin.

Raven and Skull
By Ashley Lister

Thoroughly enjoyable tale populated some really nasty bastards (who entertained me from start to finish). Also fun to read a book that, on the surface, seems to be a bunch of short stories but is a lot more. Definitely recommended.

By Ramsey Campbell

This is a solid piece of atmospheric horror - a slow burning one, too. Campbell knows exactly how to get under the reader's skin and build dread. It's a talent that is sometimes overlooked in horror fiction and one I'm a big fan of.

The Feast of All Souls
By Simon Bestwick

This is a fine tale of ghosts and grief and a woman haunted by her guilt (not to mention the ghosts). Genuinely creepy in places with a rich level of prose, Bestwick is a writer more people should know about.

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