Horror picks with Luke Walker

Luke Walker has been writing horror, fantasy and dark thrillers for most of his life. This is the first in a series of horror picks from Luke.

The Waning
By Christina Bergling

This tale of abduction, imprisonment and torture (mental as well as physical) won't be for everyone but for people who like to look into the dark, I can highly recommend it. Great writing and characterisation, punchy and a proper page-turner. 

Songs of Dreaming Gods
By William Meikle

Creepy, strange and unlike a lot of other books by Meikle. This is first rate horror. 

By Kealan Patrick Burke

Brutal but not unnecessarily so, this is first rate writing as well as a superb horror novel. Great characters, cleverly plotted and satisfying. Loved it.

By Kit Power

This is a great piece of work. Assured, intelligent and a real page-turner. An absolute 5 star read for me. 

By Bracken MacLeod

Highly enjoyable horror/thriller with a great atmosphere and a likeable (more importantly - interesting) main character and some nicely creepy moments.


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