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About the Horror Lounge

The idea for dedicating an area of Lounge Books to horror fiction came from a few conversations I had on Twitter about James Herbert, I absolutely loved his books when I was a teenager and wondered why he isn't talked about much. This conversation lead me down a path discussing horror fiction in general and that it doesn't seem to be served in the same way as other genres. 

The backdrop to this, of course, is the phenomenal success of horror TV and film - The Walking Dead, Stranger Things, American Horror Story, the IT movie, Mother, to name but a few. There is clearly a huge demand for thrilling storytelling and I wonder if books could meet more of this demand. The Horror Lounge has interviews with many well-known horror authors and also introduce new books and authors. 

I've spent a few months researching the wider horror world and it will be no surprise that it is an incredibly active and vibrant community. This is driven by the community - authors, fans, podcasters, screenwriters - the real experts. Follow the passion, yes? We celebrate and showcase all of the sub genres of horror, YA horror, classics, women of horror, diverse voices, anthologies, poetry and short stories. I've found horror magazines, podcasts, and Instagram accounts for you to explore.  Discover more about the wider horror world.

I'm thrilled that so many fantastic authors are on the Horror Lounge. Check them out here and do explore their wonderful books. 

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Huge thanks from me.

Sam Missingham

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