Home Fire

Isma is free. After years spent raising her twin siblings in the wake of their mother's death, she is finally studying in America, resuming a dream long deferred. But she can't stop worrying about Aneeka, her beautiful, headstrong sister back in London - or their brother, Parvaiz, who's disappeared in pursuit of his own dream: to prove himself to the dark legacy of the jihadist father he never knew.

What bloggers and reviewers are saying.....

This is one of the more beautifully written novels I've read in a long time. I forgot to breathe from time to time, especially on the last page, which...just...wow. @NewDorkReview

Home Fire pulls off a fine balancing act: it is a powerful exploration of the clash between society, family and faith in the modern world, while tipping its hat to the same dilemma in the ancient one.

It is an intelligent, phenomenally plotted, and eminently readable novel.


The most impressive part of Home Fire, though, is Shamsie's writing, which is beautiful without being florid, and urgent without being rushed.