The Waterstones Book Of The Year 2016

The Essex Serpent by Sarah Perry


The Essex Serpent
By Sarah Perry

'The moment Sarah Perry’s The Essex Serpent fell into our hands we knew what we had. From the off, booksellers eagerly pressed it into each other’s hands; word of its quality, its sense of world-building, language and place swiftly spread. The novel’s later inclusion to our Waterstones Book of the Year 2016 shortlist only naturally reflected our passion for this beautifully-crafted gothic drama'.

What the reviewers and bloggers think.....

The Guardian Review - '...the beautifully observed changing seasons permitted space to breathe, all making for pure pleasure.' Review in full here.

The Bandwagon Blog Review - 'The Essex Serpent is a complete work of genius. It’s the kind of story every would-be writer aspires to write. It’s rich and full of beauty, raw and gorgeous'. Review in full here.

The Sleepless Editor Review - 'Perry looks at whether friendship and love can save us in our darker moments'. Review in full here.

Blog Review - 'Let The Essex Serpent wrap itself around you — and surrender to its charms'. Review in full here

New Humanist Review - '...these moments of beautiful acuity are held in the narrative like geological samples in a Victorian collector’s case'. Review in Full Here. 

The BookSmoke Review - The Essex Serpent demonstrates Perry’s panache with language throughout. Review in full here