Sam Missingham - Founder, CEO - Lounge Books

Hi my name is Sam Missingham. I spend my time championing books and pressing them into people's hands. I have launched Lounge Books to do exactly that. I have been working at HarperCollins UK for 3 years as head of audience development. This has involved me running large-scale marketing campaigns that connect books and authors with readers. I have been lucky enough to work with wonderful authors and exceptionally talented people. Previous to HarperCollins I worked at the industry trade magazine, The Bookseller for 5 years. I ran their conferences, awards, marketing and was the co-founder of FutureBook.

I speak about book marketing all around the world, recently as keynote at the Sao Paulo book fair. I love speaking to students and mentoring people entering publishing. 

I am a complete nerd for publishing and books. You can find me mostly on Twitter @samatlounge tweeting about books and publishing (I'm that predictable)

Thank you for reading this far and supporting what I'm trying to do with Lounge Books. 

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