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“I enjoyed every word . . . terrifically funny.”  P.G. Wodehouse


“Jack does more than play it for laughs . . . The mingling of humor and horror is like a clown tap-dancing on a coffin, but Jack is skillful enough to get away with it.”

Time Magazine

“Funny. Very. Donald Jack has as light a touch with this fragile art as his hero has on throttle of a Sopwith Camel. Excessive corn is avoided in favour of wit and a delight in life.”

New York Times

A perfect read in the centenary year of the end of the First World War: a hilarious but moving account of life in the trenches, and in the skies over them.


About the series:

Donald Jack’s blackly humorous Bandy Papers are classics of their kind.

Opening with Bartholomew Bandy’s life in Canada shortly before leaving for Europe and the First World War, the “memoirs” follow his adventures through the war as a flying ace and into the 1920s and 1930s, with the last books carrying him into World War Two.

When not busy avoiding death, winning medals, or oscillating through ranks like a yo-yo, Bandy spends his time driving his superior officers into apoplectic fits.

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