The Gender Agenda
By Ros Ball

Reflections from one family’s experience of raising children amidst gender stereotypes.

The Recovery Letters
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

An anthology of inspiration letters written by people recovering from depression to those who are currently affected by it.

Essays from highly successful people including Benjamin Zephaniah, Zoe Wanamaker, Richard Branson.

Jessica Kingsley Publishers is committed to publishing books that make a difference. We publish for general readers and professionals in a range of subjects, including autism, mental health, social work, education and gender diversity. In addition, we have a range of graphic novels across these subject areas and therapeutic books for children. Find out more, here.

A non-nonsense guide to living with social anxiety by award-winning blogger Claire Eastham.

Real-life stories from survivors and perpetrators of crime and violence worldwide revealing the power of forgiveness.

A memoir of raising a transgender son, offering insight and support.

To My Trans Sisters
Jessica Kingsley Publishers

A collection of letters from high-profile trans women to those going through the transition process, collated by Charlie Craggs.

All Birds Have Anxiety
By Kathy Hoopmann

A picture book exploring anxiety, complete with advice and reassuring wisdom.


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